Saturday, May 22, 2010


A friend of a friend called us up a few weeks ago looking for a specialty groom's cake. When she told me she wanted a replica of his prized Camaro, I pretty much automatically said yes. It's our first car, it's an antique, and it's a beauty. Lindsey sent us a batch of photos from different angles, and we got out our calculator. Turns out, sculpting a car is really hard! There are a lot of scale measurements that all have to match up if it's going to look right. All the embellishments, including the tires, are rolled fondant, so except for the toothpick antenna, this one's edible from the ground up. Instead of trying to turn white fondant red or black (which is nearly impossible), we picked up some powdered food coloring and mixed it with Everclear. The resulting "paint" was super easy to work with, and looked great when it dried. There's a support layer underneath that lifts the chassis up off the display board, and we copied his actual license plate. We had a lot of fun with this one; mazel tov, guys!

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