Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Frank officially retired this week after an illustrious career as an air traffic controller. The cake is a radar screen, with lots of little airplane blips traveling across the grid, and all around the perimeter of the base we piped his retirement slogan: "Half the money, twice the Frank."

We also piped the radar blips, but the blue and white grid lines are strips of fondant we ran through our pasta maker!

Our crowning achievements, of course, were the suspended airplanes overhead. They are actually made of the same cake as the base, and tasted just as delicious. Neither Frank nor his wife watch "Lost," but we do (with a vengeance), so the Oceanic and Ajira logos/colors were kind of a Caldwell Cakes inside joke.

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Sharkbear said...

I just saw these. Fantastic.