Saturday, May 16, 2015


This year my very first group of fifth graders graduate from high school. Whoa. David is headed to Tuscaloosa for college, so this computer is Bama-centric. The keyboard even says "Roll Tide!" The onscreen error message is definitely my favorite part, though: "Cannot run program 'childhood.exe' - Memory full." Then you can click either restart or graduate (but restart is greyed out). Whimsy!


After Ben got the blue guitar for his groom's cake, and Cale got Neyland Stadium, Chase was determined not to be outdone. His request says it all: 'possum.

Birthdays, Birthdays

Our kids are growing up! Here are some of the cakes from their birthday parties:


Farragut High School

For my high school reunion, we made this cake replica of the actual campus. Each section, and each wing of the main building, are all different flavors.