Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, it's Fall again, and that means the annual Fall Fest, where Tara and I auction off our mad skillz to raise money for a good cause. This year we had a special treat--the winner was one of my current students, so I got to make his birthday cake! Very cool. Aaron came to me with a specific vision, and even loaned me one of his collectors books with the pages we'd need tabbed and everything. The actual structure of Ash's hat and the battlefield itself were pretty simple to construct, and the colors came out great. My favorite part, though, was molding the (yes, edible) figures for the top. This is Gyarados, a water pokemon, and Charizard, a fire pokemon--don't say we never taught you anything here at Caldwell Cakes. At first they didn't want to stand up straight on top of the field, but we managed to wrangle them into place without losing too many hit points. (Pause for laughter.) The overall effect fit in perfectly with the other party decorations, and the birthday boy seemed pleased. Mission accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

Joe and Tara...The cake was so creative, so wonderful and was most delicious. Aaron was in awe of the cake and I didn't want to cut it up!....but all the kids wanted to eat it and the Pokemon too! You are both so talented. Thanks for making Aaron's birthday so special. I made Aaron's thank-you cards out of a picture of the cake! Thanks again...Lisa