Friday, December 7, 2007


Happy Birthday, Lori! This was by far the fastest one of our cakes had come together, start to finish, to date. It's also much smaller, since it only needed to feed five people. The shape is fairly simplistic and the handles are just cut out of cardboard and covered in fondant, so overall it was more an exercise in piping than anything else. I had to take a little creative license with some of the Louis Vuitton designs, but kind of got a kick out of drawing them all the way around. In fact, I think that's my favorite thing about carving these cakes--the 360 degree view of the final product that you (or at least, I) just can't seem to capture on film. The staging was Tara's idea, as were the two handles (apparently, a purse with only one handle has to have a flap instead of a zipper).

Thank goodness one of us knows things like that.


Scott said...

Your next challenge is to make the the purse cake functional, and fill it with items you'd normally find in a purse.
Cake check book, cake pens, cake lip gloss, cake spare change, cake tissues, cake tiny revolver, cake makeup kit, etc.

Paige said...

(slow clap that gradually builds) Brav-O!! As a Louis Vuitton fan and owner...this took my breath away.

Scott said...

That reminds me of my trip to France, when one of the girls used her very last camera shot on the Louis Vuitton building on the Champs-Elysees.
We had only been in Paris for an hour and a half, and still had another full day, and she was out of film.
But I guess that's okay, cause the Louis Vuitton building really is Paris. When you think about it.


Mary Beth said...

Oh Joe. You NEED her. Way to pay attention to detail, Tara. :-)