Monday, October 29, 2007

Lego Pirate

The school held a Fall Festival, and folks from the community were encouraged to donate services for the silent auction. Our custom cake offering was won by a woman who requested a cake to celebrate both her 5-year-old son's and 25-year-old brother's birthdays, which both fell on the same day. When asked what interests they had in common, she replied, "Legos. Oh, and pirates." Thus was the Lego Pirate cake concieved. The legs, torso, and head are cake, whereas the arms, hands, and hat are molded rice krispy treats. We put a cardboard platform between every two layers (there are ten), but the wooden dowels inside the legs gave out sometime the night before delivery. That realization was a dark, dark time in our lives. We picked up a small PVC t-joint at a hardware store and used it to run posts through the "shoulder" and "neck" areas. The arms and head/hat were then pressed onto the exposed beams. Also, due to a last minute pre-fondant fiasco, there's kite string underneath there holding the head together. The artwork on his front midsection and hat are pieces of dyed and manipulated fondant (Tara's handiwork) glued on with water, and we used edible cake markers to draw the trademark face.

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Mary Beth said...

My favorite by far... Though I am honored my Religion cake was your first fondant experiment. (I didn't know that!) I'd still like to know how much she won the auction with. She wins!